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About Us

Larry Moorhead Growing up on a small farm just out of Tipton, I started working on cars and pickups before I was old enough to drive them. My Grandfather taught me the importance of being neat and clean in my work habits and treating all vehicles with respect. My first formal mechanics training was at Porterville Community College in the 1970s. Since then, I have focused on staying up to date with the many changes in automotive technology. In addition to being licensed by the State of California in emissions testing and repair, my current certifications with the National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence include Electrical Systems and Advanced Level Specialist in Engine Performance.

Gib Moorhead For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with mechanical things and how they work. As a kid I got in a lot of trouble for disassembling things, but not for malicious reasons. My curiosity about how things work was the driving force. At some point I figured out that putting things back together had benefits as well. I started my professional career doing preventative maintenance for a private fleet and worked my way up to doing specialty equipment design and construction. I am a Certified Smog Technician, as well as ASE Certified in engine performance and electrical. Growing up and attending school in a small town there was a limited number of people to play with, so I learned you have to treat people right, otherwise you'll be all alone. That philosophy carries over to the way we run our business: treat people right, or you'll be all alone.

Jean Moorhead I worked in customer service before becoming a part of the MAS Enterprises team where I learned early in my professional life the importance of having happy customers. I especially enjoy Tipton's small town atmosphere where everyone seems to know each other. I know it is especially important to treat our customers with honesty, courtesy and fairness. Since 1994 I've managed the MAS office and am happy to answer our customer's questions regarding their accounts or historical data. I have taken care of the DMV work for the company for over 18 years and that experience has facilitated our transition into the DMV Registration Services business.

Gary Moorhead is our Service Writer. He has fifteen years in the Automotive Industry, with eight years working at a General Motors dealership where he received advanced level factory training. As a driveability specialist on Cadillacs, he learned the importance of getting things right for customers who expect to be treated well. Gary also was an emissions control technician before becoming our Service Writer, so he understands the problems people have with emissions testing.